The Blind Owl Band’s Instruments Were Stolen – Our Road to Recovery…. and how YOU can help!!

Late in the night of October 23rd, our trailer was broken into, and the instruments listed below were taken from us. We ask our friends, fans, and families to keep their eyes open, alerting other musicians, business owners, and citizens about our loss. We hope with enough constant support and determination we are able to unearth these instruments and bring them back to their rightful owners.

List of things stolen for any who are on the look out. Take a look at our photos to see closer details,

1 – Weber Mandolin (Gallatin) Light natural finish, 1 – 1942 Kay Stand up, Double Bass, 1 – Fender p-Bass Fretless Black, 1 – 2006 Stelling Banjo serial # 6316, 1 – Martin Guitar, 1 – Ashdown Bass Head, 1 blonde-finish vintage Stradivarius German copy fiddle,  50 or so Blind Owl Band T-Shirts, CD’s, Hot Sauce, and James’ suitcase of clothes and belongings.


Our instruments and gear being stolen from us has felt like a big blow and quite a set back, but our fans have been more supportive and generous than ever!! We are now on the Road to Recovery, we have shows booked until November 24th, and do not plan on canceling any of them. Many folk have been coming out of the woodwork and have been asking where donations can be made. With the push for us to continue forward, we have opened up a Paypal account where donations can be made to help us get back to zero, below are the instructions


We would like to thank everyone for their continued support. We are now starting the fund raising process, to support the replacing of our instruments. For all who are wondering where donations can be sent, here are instructions:

Go to


Go to “Send Money Online”

Send it to

or Log in to your account,

Select the Send Money Tab

Send to

Select Send Money to Family or Friends

Send Donation.

You can also mail cash or check to

The Blind Owl Band
P.O. Box 260
Bloomingdale, NY 12913

Make to to also include your name and address, we don’t know how yet but we intend to thank everyone and we want to know how we can get ahold of you and where we can send some stuff.

Thanks for supporting our FIGHT to LIVE off of making music!!!!